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An outfit isn't complete without the accessories, and yes we do make them!
We all need a pouch to carry our stuff in, or to camouflage those items that we just can't do without (cell phones, wallets, car keys, tarot cards, etc).  We make pouches in many sizes and types, from simple drawstring and belt pouches to ones that are lined and decorated with embroidery.  Most of ours are made of fabric or garment weight leather.
Heading off to the masked ball at Pennsic?  We have just the right thing for you, our new embroidered masks!  Most are made from fabric so they are washable, but we can do them in garment weight leather too.
Belts & Waist Cinchers
Many garments such as woman's houppelandes need that special belt to complete the look.  We can do up custom embroidered belt's (or waist cinchers) to fit your needs.

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